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Experience quality learning outcomes in any industry with The Learning Manager's human-led, tech-supported approach

Transform Your Business with - The Learning Managers' - Learning and Development solutions  

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Bespoke Learning and Development Strategies for Business and Staff

Welcome to The Learning Manager, where we use AI and analytics to create bespoke, business and staff focused learning and development strategies. Our innovative approach enables accurate and constant investment into the area of business that needs it most, ensuring you stay ahead of the game

Our Process


Our Comprehensive Approach to Building Solutions That Resonate

At The Learning Manager we use a five-step process to ensure we deliver a comprehensive and tailored learning and development strategy that meets your needs.


Learning and Development meeting

First Meeting

Our first meeting is where we discuss your business needs and identify areas for improvement.


Learning and Development

Deep Dive

We then take a deep dive into your organisation to understand where you want to go. This step involves a data capture questionnaire to ensure we get a comprehensive understanding of your business.


Learning and Development  design

The Design

This step involves the creation of your learning and development strategy, which is presented in a detailed report.


Learning and Development

Building the Plan

With the data we have collected, we create a bespoke plan that identifies suitable training providers to meet your learning and development needs.


Learning and Development

Launch and Support

Finally, we implement your learning and development strategy and provide ongoing support throughout the cycle.

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Get Ahead of the Competition with The Learning Manager's AI and Analytics-Powered Learning Strategies

The Learning Manager's innovative approach to learning and development, powered by AI and analytics, can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals.

Achieve Quality Learning Outcomes in Any Industry with The Learning Manager's Cutting-Edge Approach

The Learning Manager's innovative, industry-specific approach to learning and development can help you achieve your desired learning outcomes and drive growth in your business.

Human led-Tech driven
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